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Tattoo Lightening & Removal

Lightening and removal (& emergency removal) of both body art tattoos, permanent makeup, incl.  all facial and scalp treatments.


If you have ink/pigment in your skin that you want rid of then this is the treatment for you.


Got a teenage tattoo that still haunts you?


Have old school permanent makeup that hasn't aged well?



Have you just had your permanent makeup done and really really do not like the results? 

Emergency Removals are possible within 48 hours of of your treatment if your artist is unable to offer you this treatment and I believe that the shape or colour cannot be remedied any other way.


This form of lightening/removal is THE choice alternative to surgical excision, laser, and certainly topical creams/scrubs.

Unlike laser this treatment works to lighten and remove ALL colours, some colours take longer than others to achieve results, also this treatment lift the colour up and out of the skin, as opposed to laser which shatters the pigment within the skin to be removed by the internal waste process.

PATIENCE is key in this process and whilst most people are happy to see progress or at least be starting their journey of lightening/removal, there is no definitive timescales it depends on the placement, quality of the work, and your skin and your body's healing process.

Successful results are achievable, that leave you in anywhere from 1 - 5 sessions - it is a journey, not a race.


Area tests are carried out on any tattoo of the lower leg or arm.

Large body art tattoos are removed in stages.

Sessions are from £95 per session.

Find my official registration and further information here Technician | Li-FT® Ink Removal (

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