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Advanced Skin Treatments from Debbie Collins in Upham, Hampshire.

Advanced Skin Treatments

Advanced aesthetics skin protocols are a range of results driven treatments and products designed to take your skin and your skin care routine to the next level.


Opting for a product range tailored to suit your skin, your approach to skin care and your purse, your personal protocol results when combined with chemical skin peels and skin needling will deliver fabulous results.


These protocols work with your body to stimulate change from within the skin, for radiant more youthful looking skin - the perfect canvas for permanent cosmetics. 

Ultimate Skin Revitalisation... bringing science to beauty.

This anti-ageing protocol provides skin replenishment through intense revitalisation and hydration of tired dull skin, treatment of wrinkles and redensification of mature and slack skin. 

After thorough consultation, you will receive your tailored advanced aesthetic protocol including an exfoliating chemical skin peel and introduction of the unique anti-ageing, poly-revitalising complex via digital mesotherapy skin needling,  thus providing the dermis with 59 essential boosting ingredients plus hyaluronic acid needed for its proper function, creating the ideal ecosystem improving the texture, density, hydration and brightness of the skin.

Areas of treatment:

  • Face - from £95

  • Neck, Decollete, Back of Hands - from £65

  • Internal face of the arms - from £65

  • Stretch Marks, Scars, Burns - price on presentation


A protocol of 5 sessions is recommended to restore beautiful skin, the first 3 at intervals of 2 weeks and the last 2 at an interval of 1 month.  A complete protocol should be completed once a year with a 4 week minimum gap between.


Standalone sessions are perfect for the ultimate monthly maintenance treatment and may be recommended for maintenance between complete protocols.

Chemical Skin Peel - Light Peel

This peel is very effective at counteracting the signs of skin ageing and is extremely well tolerated, making it suitable for even the most sensitive of skins. A protocol of 4 sessions is recommended at 2 week intervals.


Standalone sessions are available and recommended for excellent monthly skin maintenance.

When booking please bear in mind that treatments must be scheduled taking into consideration the following recommendations:

  • Make-up free for 24 hours following your treatment

  • Botox/Filler clients must be 4 weeks post last treatment

  • Apply an SPF for 48 hours after

  • Any permanent makeup will need to be completely healed

Light Peels - £50 per session

New to peels and needling? Please call or book online for an introductory consultation.

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